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What are Singular Pronouns and Plural Pronouns?

Singular Pronouns: Singular means one. Pronouns refer to nouns.

Example: Komal is ready.
                   She is ready.
Here, Komal = a singular noun.
           She  = a singular pronoun. (She refers to Komal.)
Note: She is used for feminine and he is used for masculine.

S. Pronouns    
        I                                     am ready.
        You                               are ready
        She                                is ready.
        He                                 is ready.
        It                                   is ready.
I, you, she, he, and it all refers to one person.


1. I am nervous.
2. She is early.
3. He is tired.
4. It is funny.

Plural Pronouns: Plural pronouns refers to more than one. It means two, three or more.
1. Komal and I are late.
          We          are late.
2. Komal and you are late.
          You*             are late.
*You can be singular or plural.
3. Komal and Yogesh are late.
        They                     are late.

We, you, and they are plural pronouns. They refer to two, three or more persons.

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