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Ways of Saying Time

8:00   It's eight o' clock.
           It's eight.

8:05   It's eight-oh-five.
           It's five (minutes) after eight.
           It's five (minutes) past eight.

8:10   It's eight-ten
           It's ten (minutes) after eight.
           It's ten (minutes) past eight.

8:15   It's eight-fifteen.
           It's a quarter after eight.
           It's a quarter past eight.

8:30   It's eight-thirty.
           It's half past eight.

8:45   It's eight-forty-five.
           It's a quarter to nine.
           It's a quarter of nine.

8:50   It's eight fifty.
           It's ten (minutes) to nine.
           It's ten (minutes) of nine.

12:00 It's noon.
           It's midnight.

A.M. = morning   It's eight A.M.
P.M. = afternoon/evening/night   It's eight P.M.

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