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How to use an apostrophe?

Possessive means having or relating to the case of a word used to show who or what something belongs to. In English grammar, to show possession, we add an apostrophe ( ' ).

Rule 1: For a singular noun:
If a noun is in its singular form, then to show possession, we add an apostrophe ( ' ) and -s to a singular noun. For example: The boy's pencil is on the table.
Some more examples:
  1. My uncle is my father's brother.
  2. The girl's hat is red.
  3. Yogesh's wife is a factory worker.
  4. There are many problems in today's world.

Exception:  There is an exception to this rule. If a singular noun ends in -s, then add only an apostrophe ( ' ). For example: This is Thomas' pencil.
Some more examples:
  1. My boss' name is Rohan.
  2. Bess' last name is Yun.
  3. This is Mr. Jones' office.
  4. Texas' whether is cloudy today.

In the above examples: boss, Bess, Jones and Texas are singular nouns.

Rule 2: For a plural noun:
To show possession, add only an apostrophe ( ' ) to a plural noun that ends in -s. For example: The boys' pencils are on the table.
Some more examples:
  1. The girls' hats are red.
  2. I agree with the juries' decisions.
  3. My supervisors' names are Mr. Choudhry and Mr. Ganjoo.
  4. Almost all of the diplomats' children attend special school.

Exception: If plural nouns do not end in -s, then in that particular case add an apostrophe ( ' ) and -s. For example: The men's clothing section is on the first floor.
Some more examples:
  1. The men's laptops are on the table.
  2. Nancy and Anu's children's names are Geeta and Meeta.
  3. I am interested in other people's ideas.

In the above examples: men, children and people are plural nouns.

Rule 3: When two or more names are connected by and then only final name shows possession. For example: Mohan and Rohan's apartment is on tenth floor.  

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