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How to get a Google AdSense account - #2

Step #2: How to get a Google AdSense account

To get a Google AdSense account is not that easy but if you have followed Step #1 for at least a week or 10 days then you are having a good change to get a Google AdSense account.

How it works

  • Submit your website url for example http://blog.yogeshchoudhry.com at https://www.google.com/adsense
  • Google will crawl the submitted url and make sure you owns that url.
  • It will take to while to review the content on website with respect to copyrights and enough content to engage the users on your website.
Sometime google rejects the website due to insufficient content or if you are using somebody's content on your page, for example "open a different website in an iframe on your website"; google will catch such tricks and rejects in such cases.

Rule #1 - Use your own content, write it by yourself (don't copy paste from websites)

Rule #2 - Write daily (remember this), don't forget the Step #1

Rule #3 - Choose good and interesting topics to attract users to your content, writing on current affairs could be a option.

Rule #4 -  Engage users on your page with questions, feedback, comments or suggestions.

Rule #5 - Promote your page/website with social media like a Facebook page http://facebook.com/OpulentTeam or with Google+ account.

Wait for the Google's reply on your AdSesnse account request, till then write more pages.

How to get a Google AdSense account - #2 How to get a Google AdSense account - #2 Reviewed by Yogesh Choudhry on October 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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