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Where to study in US?

First it is important to understand the geographical region. The United States has a very diverse country, offering multiple climates, landscapes and cultural heritage from coast to coast. The United States is divided into four different regions—West, Midwest, South, Northeast. The map below shows the different regions in US.

West: West is the largest region of the United States extending more than half of its land area and making it the most geographically diverse area. It is known for wet climates to hot ones, with larger access to forest, mountain ranges, the Pacific coastline and desert areas.

Midwest: It is also called 'Middle America'. It has small hills, low plains, and lakes bordering Canada. The climate ranges from mild summers to cold winters with plenty of snowfall.

South: This is the region known for its sub-tropical climate with usually humid summers and mild winters. South states have various countryside, such as the Gulf of Mexico shoreline, deserts, mountains, and  wetlands.

Northeast: This region is comprised of Middle Atlantic states and the New England. This region is also known for its woody interior and rocky Atlantic coastline. The climate ranges from mild summers to cold winters with plenty of snowfall.

Practically every US state includes a setting that ranges from a metropolitan city, suburban residential area, and a rural countryside. US colleges and universities can be located in any one of the above settings.

Metropolitan: It is also called downtown. Downtown cities have bigger populations providing convenient access to stores, banking, stores, public transportation, the arts, entertainment, and international airports. Metropolitan areas usually have higher average living costs.

Suburban: It is also called uptown. The residential areas are close from downtown with moderate populations, shopping areas, and restaurants. Uptown areas may usually have reasonable living costs.

Rural: It is also called countryside. Rural areas are with smaller townships with smaller number of people. The land in these areas are used for agriculture and mining. Rural areas have lower living costs.

No matter whether you are studying in a rural area or a metro city, student life in the US is an experience that can never be forgotten. You must have seen in the English movies or read in books about fraternities and sororities, sports activities, around the clock libraries and clubs; all these makes student life in the United States exciting activity.
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