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Housing system for students in US

The type of housing you prefer will depend upon your personal needs and your budget. There are mainly two types of housing.

On-campus Housing: This type of housing is usually furnished with basic needs such as a bed, a desk, a chair, a closet, and much more. Rooms can be private but are usually shared with other students, hence making it a great place to meet new friends quickly. Some student residences may be for men only or women only, but normally they allow both men and women in the same residence.

Married Student Housing: Demand for housing for married couples is usually high, so it is recommended to ask about this in advance.

Off-campus Housing: In this type of housing, the student finds an apartment according to his/her own requirements and generally pays a nominal deposit, monthly rent, and utility fees. Co-op housing can also be an another option. Co-ops are generally independent houses where a group of students stay together and share the rent cost. 

American host family can also be an another option. Staying with an American family can be an exciting experience and less expensive than off-campus housing. Host family options may not be available at all colleges or universities, therefore it is important to check with an individual universities directly if you are interested.

Please note that the views on different types of housing mentioned above are from my personal experience. For further information on housing systems for students in US, please visit individual universities.
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