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Digital Content Delivery System

Digital distribution also called content delivery, online distribution describe the delivery of multimedia content such as audio, video, software and games.

Digital content can be delivered in two form either Stream or download. Streaming content delivery is downloading and consuming content “on-demand” as and when required. Fully downloading the content means physical storage of content at local hard drive for fast and offline access in future.

Majorly, distributed contents are music, videos, live TV channels, e-books and last but not the least are games. Online content distribution system connected to multiple components.

 • Content Catalog Manager (Categorization based on market research)
 • Content discovery on device (PC, Mobile, TAB & TV)
 • Subscription management & Billing
 • Pay per download (Best mechanism ever introduced)
 • Content delivery

Digital Content Delivery System Digital Content Delivery System Reviewed by Yogesh Choudhry on January 19, 2013 Rating: 5

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